Last several months I am searching best broom over the internet, participate in many forum & Q&A site. Got a huge information & fact of such a small handheld things. Wondering to discover the behind technology upon it. Trying to narrowing them, finally find a many types broom that has real value in sweeping. You may find with me, why they are different in each other, how they made of, what to look to buy a best broom etc. Most brooms feature bristles made from synthetic materials suitable for all kinds of cleaning floor from indoor to outdoor, small area to large places.

Brooms from the past, have been used for centuries to sweep caves, cabins and castles. Before 1797, brooms in America were home-made. Tree branches were often used to sweep the floor and clean the ashes from the fireplaces. In 1797 when a farmer, Levi Dickenson, in Hadley, Massachusetts, made a broom for his wife, brings the sweeping new way using the tassels of sorghum, a kind of grain he was growing for the seeds. His wife believed Levi’s broom was extremely good and informed friends and neighbors about it. By about 1810, the sorghum widely used in brooms, had acquired a new name, that is ,Broom Corn, as the British called all seed bearing plants, “corn.” About 1830 in U.S., there were enough one- or two-man broom shops that 60,000 brooms were being produced annually. This provided enough brooms for local needs and led this nation into the broom export business.

A best broom is nothing but like a brush and a collection of stiff fibers or bristles fastened into a handle in a way so that they are roughly parallel to each other. For many mops and other alternatives to come up in recent time, but the best broom is still a hit when fighting dirty floor. I want not say that is the ‘king’ of cleaning tools, but almost. Today I have seen a lady combing the home mat with a broom, so that the hairs were in the same direction … No need to plug in the vacuum cleaner and spending power. Clearly, the broom is used utensil for cleaning the more traditional floor. As quickly clutter up the garden path or in the garden sweep together is easiest with a good broom. Best broom made of synthetic fiber, natural fiber or steel, each with their own quality that offer a dense pile to easily grab fine dust particles along with larger debris. And no other instrument old maid took away the job. Here is necessary to take advantage of brooms:

Common types of best brooms


Poly-Vinyl Broom

Synthetic bristle (nylon or rubber) are generally more flexible that have split fibers capture finer particles. Broom heads with an angular cut easily get into corners. As you see, often they used in kitchens, bathrooms, etc. They can be washed with hot soapy water.

Push Broom

Comes with large rectangular heads (24 – 60 inches wide) are good for sweeping industrial or commercial applications such as workshop or garage floors.

Palm broom

It serves for outdoor as patios, porch, and garage.

Straw/Corn Broom

Made of natural bristles that tend to be thick and rigid but good to sweeping up large bits of dirt and debris for sidewalks, porches and other outdoor areas. Also, indoors like kitchens, hallways and more.

Wet/Dry Broom

Consist (such as Palmyra fibers, or synthetic materials) of thicker bristles spaced farther apart designed for both indoor and outdoor use like workshop, garage or basement floors

Beside them many other types of best brooms still available but they are pricey regarding the task. If you have a best steam mop then a simple broom is fine for your home. Though I listed here for your interest:

  • Snowbrooms
  • Electric Brooms
  • Power Broom


What makes the broom best? Fine. I am also questions myself to find the best answer. Hundreds of good broom are in stores & online. But I learned how to select them. Only few best cleaning broom get popularity & user’s satisfaction. If you go through to search in internet, you might express same thing like me! My strategy is to find best broom, this way I keep an eyes to some expert & customers review in several site, to realize what their opinion. After interviewing experts, surveying readers, and researching, now I know what makes a great broom, synthetic bristles are best for brooms as they are cleaned with warm, soapy water & long lasting then corn bristles. Two types of bristles are:

Flagged Bristles: Flagged bristles are simply frayed at the ends to help collect small dust and rubbish

Unflagged Bristles: Unflagged bristles are straight bristles without frayed ends designed to collect for open areas and larger debris and usually last longer than flagged bristles.

Generally you may find more dense bristle broom but in real world they are individually played different role in cleaning. Long, soft, floppy bristles works fine in powder like dust rather than thick, stiff bristles which can’t reach into small corners. So best way to select one as dense as possible, not too soft, and not too stiff.

Libman Precision Angle Broom with Dustpan is one of popular best-selling broom that has 5″ long stapled flagged fiber. Steel handle with hanger hole made great for all housekeeping needs. Excellent for indoor or outdoor sweeping in low budget. This broom has an inconsistent number of angled cut bristles per clump move dirt extremely well, the dustpan itself is pretty flimsy. Easily control pet hair, and brushing the carpet. It can grabs and gathers every little crumb on hardwood floors, leaving not a dot of residual particle to be seen with the bare eye. Nice long lightweight handle and easy to grip never end up stooping or bending while sweeping.  I can recommend, consider this brand as best broom until Libman stops selling them.

Another best at sweeping brand O’CEDAR BRANDS 145306 Angle Broom/Dust Pan considered for sharp angle 12Sweeping path, firm, long, soft bristles for effective sweeper that collect fine dust and hair, sweep dirt Out of corners, along walls or from under cabinets. The top of the broom handle comes with a little loop to hang it after cleaning. The bristles are made of a coarse, dense, black plastic that has drawback in sweeping. Overall it’s nice one as many happy user recommend to have one.

As I write soft & less dense bristle with thinner head, will be the best broom & you must try for OXO Good Grips Any-Angle Broom. Ergonomic sweeping, Lightweight, easy sweeping and maneuvering can catch your eyes. OXO Good Grips Any-Angle Broom reach beside the fridge or in awkward corner, capture dust and dirt with flexible feathered tips bristles effectively.

Finally none of broom can well enough for every user needs, so wise, to buy best broom considering your requirements.


How to keep broom in good condition and use them better?

Maintain broom properly is too easy but many of user don’t the basic rules to keep it fresh condition.

  • Don’t store your broom downward the bristles to the floor, better hang it. Otherwise bristles causes them to bend, weaken, and even break, which may shortens your broom’s lifespan.
  • Save seek placed so that no weight rests on the fibers, so they will not deform.
  • Clean them each time they are used, with the help of a wire brush.
  • Wash all brooms with a mild detergent; Shake off as much water & rinse, so that the next time they are used, you got a fresh, dust free tool.
  • It is not recommended to sweep the front brush, but the brush sweeping cast to one side so that we can see the dust cleaned.
  • Rather than parallel bands, it is better sweep arcs drawing, what is known as sweeping in a “flower petal”.

Various uses of best broom

  • When something breaks glass or ceramic, it is best broom to sweep up the broken pieces and wrap it all in a newspaper, and so throw it away.
  • Best to return to its colorful carpet is spatter it with sawdust soaked in vinegar. It is brushed with a broom and, once dry, is vacuuming.
  • If the carpet is new, it should not vacuumed the first month, while the nodes are located. Clean with broom.
  • Broom also used by protestor to against political view.
  • Poets use the broom in metaphor-making. In Emily Dickinson’s poem Mother Nature, Nature “… sweeps with many colored brooms, and leaves the shreds behind …”

Brooms are a not a new & fast technology that may not have crazy change in near future. It will remain same effect – a handle with bristles for sweeping—for many years. So we shouldn’t worry that broom becoming outdated household tools as it is still since 1797.

The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide is dedicate to review of best steam mop available in the stores.Deliver more guidelines then review! This blog is to provide advanced material, guiding you towards a better and more comfortable household experience from real world.
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The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide is dedicate to review of best steam mop available in the stores.Deliver more guidelines then review! This blog is to provide advanced material, guiding you towards a better and more comfortable household experience from real world.