What is the Best Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors?

In a lot of forums and social networking sites I see people asking the question what is the best steam mop for hardwood floors? The fact of the matter is that all steam mops are designed for hard floors really. Let’s face it, you’re not going to be “mopping” rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting so what these people really need is just a way to find the best steam mop, there’s no need to search specifically for the best steam up for hard floors.

You will probably use your steam mop most often in the kitchen and most kitchen floors will be either linoleum or tile. Steam mops are a great option for these kinds of surfaces but I think what a lot of people are looking for when they search online for the best steam mop for hard floors might be which steam mop would work best on hardwood floors. Getting linoleum or tile wet is not really a big deal but a lot of people worry about getting their hardwood floors too wet. They don’t want to cause any stains or warping or any other potential problems. If this is the case then some steam mops may be better than others.

If you are going to be using your mop on a hardwood floors and you are worried about getting too much water on the hardwood floors it would be good to look for a mop that doesn’t put out too much water at one time and heats up enough that the steam dries very quickly. This will sanitize your floor but will not leave your floor with puddles of water sitting on it. The tricky part is finding out which mops are able to clean your floor in a way that allows the floor to dry quickly and which ones cannot. There are a couple of ways to do this. One way would be to buy a mop and try it for yourself. Of course that is not the best option because if the mop doesn’t work well you have to return it and this can cost you time and money. A better way would be to let other people test various steam mops for you. The way to do that is by studying user reviews online.

Is Steam mop safe for hardwood floors?

Steam mop cleaners for hard surface floors are not actually a vacuum cleaner itself, but if you have pets or wear your shoes inside, this handheld machine is a powerful tool for cleaning bacteria. Despite its name, the steam cleaner is more like a hot “burdock “. Due to high temperature and wet sanitizing action, steam mops are unsafe for all soil types.

Hardwood floors

Ranges hardwood floors non-waterproof options, such as the unfinished (or bare), varnishing lacquering and varnishing resistant oiled or sealed water finishes. The polished wood floors regularly should withstand the occasional use of a mop steam flow under water at high temperatures. Check the manual or consult the manufacturer of hardwood flooring for approval to use a steam cleaner on your valuable investment of flats.

Manufacturers steam cleaners

Steam clean sealed hardwood floors is safe and effective, says the manufacturer of cleaning products, Bissell, its tool-free cleaning chemical vapor demand, “Bissell Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner”. The surface cleaner wood floor “Steam It” anti-chemical Oreck is safe in almost any hard surface floor, including sealed wood floors, according to Oreck, a manufacturer of floor cleaning machines. As with all cleaning products, always follow the instructions of the company for the proper use of any steam cleaner.


Steam cleaning provides a cost effective, chemical-free solution that eliminates germs, sprinklers and aggressive disinfectants to rid your floors of bacteria like e-coli, staphylococcus and salmonella. The highly heated water vapor disinfects without residue or loosening of scents. Due to the high temperature and little water used, soils are dry faster than with a conventional mop. Many steam cleaning machines have washable for reuse and accessories available for cleaning upholstery and carpet pads.

How effective is a steam mop?

Steam mops has recently become a popular tool for cleaning the floor around your home. They can make a mundane job quickly and easily. In general, steam mops are effective on vinyl, tile, hardwood, laminate and ceramic flooring, but they fall short in a few areas of whatever brand you buy or price you pay

How they work

Any steam mops functioning in a similar manner. They are all electric for heating water and they all have a small water reservoir. At the bottom of the steam mop is a block that you can wash and reuse. While pressing the front and back of the floor and with a push or pull of a trigger on the handle, the steam is released and pushed through the cushion, which in turn picks up dirt and scuff marks from your floor.


Steam mops keep you from pulling out of a bucket, a mop, and detergents and hard to clean your floors. There is no scrubbing with that of a traditional sponge mop your floor will be left streaks. These mops are environmentally friendly in that no chemicals are used, which makes cleaning safe for your family and your pets. Steam mops are relatively easy, easy on the back and are easy to use and maneuver. Most steam mops come with pads that can be washed and reused, cutting down on the expense of replacement pads.


Steam mops are not the best choice for cleaning unsealed wood floors. Read the article on What are the most resistant wood floors? If you are not careful, irreversible water damage results. These mops are not meant to vacuum the floor, only to lift dirt and grease. Your floors must be swept or vacuumed before using a steam mop. Although many brands claim to clean up the floor, they fall away from that claim. To clean up, you need to let your MOP to stay in place for several seconds, which extends the time for cleaning. You will also discover that steam mops are not very effective at cleaning deep joints in tiled floors. The pad will not reach deep enough into the grout line to lift grime.


Bare floors or slightly finished wood have a rustic beauty and specific cleaning needs. The World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) suggests eliminating all brands of laminate flooring and hardwood with a soft, damp cloth, oil-proof timber and non-ammonia soap. To remove normal dust, use a broom style swivel towel or a vacuum without a beater bar. Clean up spills immediately, never wash the floors with a damp mop too and provides a ground mat on all doors. When the time comes, protect and refinishing your hardwood floors, grinding the top layer of wood and applying a new layer of polyurethane, rejuvenates the splendor of one of the most valuable assets of your home.

Reading reviews online and finding out what other people have to say about a particular steam mop can save you a lot of time, money and frustration. When you are reading a product description written by the manufacturer they are always going to make their product sound like the best one available. However when you take some time to see what actual customers are saying about these mops it can paint a different picture entirely. For example, the Bionaire steam mop looks great if you read the manufacturers description but the reviews coming from actual customers are among some of the worst we’ve seen online for any product. There are however a number of other steam mops that have been getting great reviews.

The Bissell 1867 steam mop is one model that has been getting very good reviews. People are saying that it is lightweight and easy to use. It has a swiveling head that makes it easy to get into corners and hardwood-to-reach areas and the microfiber pads do a good job of scrubbing the hardwood floors, absorbing liquids and they are washable and reusable. Another model that has been getting very good reviews online is the Haan FS-20. People are saying that this one is also lightweight and easy to use. A number of reviewers said that they did extensive research before deciding on this model and they are very happy with their purchase. One more option you might want to consider is the Eureka 313A Enviro Steamer. This particular model has received over 600 reviews online and a lot of people are saying that it is the best steam mop on the market.

Those are a few of our top picks for anyone looking for the best steam mop for hardwood floors. Whether you choose one of our recommendations or another option entirely just make sure that you spend enough time researching reviews online. That way you’ll avoid making a costly mistake and give yourself the best chance of getting a quality product at an affordable price.

The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide is dedicate to review of best steam mop available in the stores.Deliver more guidelines then review! This blog is to provide advanced material, guiding you towards a better and more comfortable household experience from real world.
The Mop Guide
The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide is dedicate to review of best steam mop available in the stores.Deliver more guidelines then review! This blog is to provide advanced material, guiding you towards a better and more comfortable household experience from real world.