Best Microfiber Mop the way for floor cleaning

Mop has become a primary household in many homes supplement for cleaning. It is especially recommended for smooth and slightly dirty floors, dust or small items that the mop can take your step. Usually very comfortable for difficult areas such as under beds or furniture. Best Microfiber mop facilitates and economizes floor cleaning tasks. It is very powerful since this type of material attracts dirt ultra fine fibers much more effectively than traditional (dust, bacteria, germs, microorganisms, etc.) form. It also has a high absorption capacity and does not leave threads. No floor lift, drag along a straight line passing through the entire floor surface. This will prevent dust from spreading.

What is Microfiber?

The microfiber is a type of very fine synthetic fiber composed mainly a blend of polyester (80%) and polyamide (20%) which, together with professional cleaning products suitable for each type of dirt. The thread obtained is 10 times finer than human hair. It is estimated that every square centimeter of microfiber contains about 90,000 fibers.

It gives the Characteristic of being absorbent and durable over time (more, for example, than cotton rags and mops). In addition, microfiber mops and mops are hydrophilic (absorbing liquids) and oleophilic (absorbing grease and oils). The microfiber is moistened with water by the principle of capillarity, thus greatly increasing the power of absorption and retention of stains. If used well, it can be easily seen as clean and dry at the same time.

But … Why microfiber use for cleaning?

The microfiber can be up to 80 times thinner than normal fiber. Its density is greater to the point that a normal wipe can contain even 20,000 meters of microfibers.

These fibers adapt to the surface by cleaning it more effectively than normal fibers. On the other hand, they multiply the collection of dirt and the absorption not only of water, but also of other liquids, such as oil and clean without leaving any type of lint in its passage.

Therefore, a product with microfibers will have a greater power of absorption and cleaning than one without best microfiber mop.

How best microfiber mop used to clean the floor?

Surely more than one occasion you saw cleaning the floors of a public building or a company with a mop. It is a widely used floor by cleaning professional’s tool, whose use is not widespread in the home, but can resultants very practical. However, mop saves time in cleaning floors and is very effective because it has high absorption capacity.

What the mop is used? The first thing to know is that this type of tool is used for cleaning large surfaces smooth floors. Typically it used to remove dust and dirt that sticks to the ground by the movement of people and animals.

When the floor contains dirt with larger debris (sand, clay pieces or small stones) should not mopping, as it will not be able to drag these particles and get only scratch the surface. In these cases, it is advisable to use the best broom or, for faster, cleaner.

You will find different types of best microfiber mop depending on the type of material parts: cotton, polyester, microfiber, viscose, etc. The microfiber, for example, are suitable for wood floors, while cotton is used to clean the tiles. They may be more or less large curl, which will help us to clean floors more or less roughness. You’ll also find appropriate floor to clean hair because catches by the action of static electricity mops disposable, single-use.

How mop used to clean the floor?

As a general rule, the usually wet mop to remove dust accumulated on surfaces. Professional mops normally include a bucket and wringer to be used as if it were a mop. Those sold for home use however should be moistened either with a product directly on the mop or applying on the ground. In the case of using disposable mops or “traps dust” it will not be necessary to moisten the surface.

Once on the floor, mopping can be going on “eights” or parallel zigzag, always trying not to lift the ground to avoid leaving traces. To do this, it is recommended to clear the surfaces to be cleaned, removing furniture, carpets, curtains and other elements that may hinder cleaning mop. You’ll see from its use is dragging the mop lint, hair and dust in its wake trapping all the dirt between the fibers.

When you have finished mopping or when you consider that he has accumulated too much dirt, you can shake it in a corner for waste arising and collect vacuumed immediately to prevent spreading again. Also, you can review the mop with the vacuum tube to remove the encrusted remains. Then you can continue to clean other surfaces and repeat the process if necessary.

Also, you can always perform as desired two passes, one to trap dirt and a second to apply the product of floor and buffing. To do this, you must clean the best microfiber mop or use a clean replacement for the second pass.

Other recommendations

  • The mop you can also serve to reach high places in the ceiling where cobwebs and accumulated dust remains have been. Of course, it ensures that the mop is completely clean when implies in these cases not to floor the walls.
  • It is necessary to wash the mop after each use, after each general cleaning, preferably without fabric softener that does not lose its adhesive properties.
  • Also useful to have several parts, especially if we are to clean large surfaces with large amount of accumulated dirt.
  • Wash the mop in the washing machine at the highest possible temperature (see manufacturer) to eliminate germs and bacteria that become trapped.

Types of best microfiber mop

 Probably the youngest have never stopped to think what it would be without mop mopping the floors. This useful tool seems to carry with us throughout life, but nothing is further from reality. The mop was invented by a Spanish, Manuel Jalón, relatively recently in 1953. Most of the time we do not think the tools we use in everyday work we facilitate the execution thereof. Every day new alternatives emerge and evolve, technology advances to make life easier. In any case, as one of the cleaning companies in Bilbao want to emphasize that cleaning floors was a difficult and tedious task before age 50. At that time, this work should be on his knees, rubbing the entire surface with a brush and dry pavement proceeding posteriorly.

Milestone, engineer Spanish Air Force mop devised after observing American soldiers in Chanute Air Force Base, United States, scrub floors with a contraption with strips of cotton after trickled into a bucket with rollers. The Spanish perfected this mechanism and patented it in 1968.

Today, things have changed slightly, in fact, it is unusual to find a single household in Spain that does not have a mop. This tool has evolved since its birth, sixty years ago, there is now a wide range of options and alternatives. In cleaning abandon we present the different models mop, and the best way to choose the one that best suits the particular needs of each.

How to choose the right Types

Although you are not familiar with all of them, you may have noticed that in the supermarket you can find different types of mop, with a different appearance. Each is designed for a type of surface, so look out especially in its composition to see if it is the most suitable for floors in your home.

Professional Mops

There mops with stubby round designed to cover more area. They are ideal for scrubbing floors in a professional manner and save time. They require a special bucket with wringer for this kind of mop. Also, you can also find electric mops, squeegees with automatic saving us the effort to press to remove excess water.


This type of cookware is moistened slightly to drag the dirt common floor like dust and fibers. It is also used for drying and polishing floors, when dry and clean. View our input on how the mop is used to clean floors.

Polyester and cotton

it is very resistant to chemicals and absorbs water well. It is used in tile floors.

Polyester and viscose

its material easier to use us as it is very slippery and helps us to clean very dirty floors or coatings.

Polyester and microfiber

these mops absorb and drain well water, they can be cleaned wet stoneware and ceramic tiles.

Cotton mop

This model is suitable for the toughest floors. Usually made of strands and is somewhat heavier in handling the microfibers. They are ideal for cleaning hard floors such as marble. We must drain very well to go leaving no trace. Specifically mops strips are more effective in more delicate surfaces such as wood or marble.

Best Microfiber mop

Can be made with strands or strips. They offer good wear resistance and have high absorbency. Can serve for all floor types, but are especially useful for those who do not support either moisture, such as parquet or platform, allowing faster drying. All are basically suitable for wood floors since the drying effect will be faster moisture away from these surfaces.

Sponge mops

They are suitable to absorb plenty of fluids and are recommended for shiny floors, specifically mops strips are more effective in more delicate surfaces such as wood or marble.

Cleaning companies in Bilbao we have the best tools and products to achieve optimum cleaning results and hygiene in a wide variety of surfaces and finishes.

Besides this classification, mops may also include bristle material, commonly used in stone and tile floors. According to the form, we find round mops used with water imitating to some extent mops, triangular small spaces or to reach the corners and rectangular offering many more features for large floors.

Best Microfiber mop’s material are ideal for cleaning any type of floor without raising dust. Should always be used dry, however, they are cotton can be used in dry or wet, since they have high absorbency.

Before buying one or another, choose the best for your floor mop considering its features. If you are really looking for your home is a multipurpose mop that fits all floors and your home, we recommend choosing one of microfiber, which absorbs well, leaving less moisture to your step and weighs little.

Microfibers mop, I cannot be without them!

Microfiber is a textile product manufactured from ultra-fine fibers that give a number of tissues superior to other properties. Since its discovery, the microfibers are progressively replacing the market to traditional products like cotton cloths, mops, cotton, absorbent cloths, grids, fringe mops, etc.

The reason is simple: easy and saves the cleanup.

Comparatively microfiber fibers are 2 times finer than silk, three times finer than cotton and 100 thinner than human hair. They are generally composed of polyester 80% and 20% polyamide.

Microfiber professional mop benefits are:

  • Great clean ability.
  • High absorption capacity (twice cotton).
  • Lower consumption of cleaning chemicals and even without them.
  • They leave no lint or threads, which prevents review.
  • High resistance to frequent washing, not shrink, not deformed, not pie den properties, only they are worn with everyday use.

They can be washed at temperatures up to 95 ° (depending marks), which makes them extremely hygienic.

Reduction of cleaning time: Absorb more dirt on every pass and require less frequent rinsing.

Not absorb odors. The microfiber is a perfect protective layer against mites. Even in moist conditions where bacteria and fungi that cause unpleasant odors propagate in body tissues and / or cotton. Not so in microfiber fabrics. Ideal for allergy sufferers.

Cleaning products are most widely used microfiber: Microfiber gloves and microfiber cloths. Very used for organic household cleaning and car, especially for people with allergic problems.

The microfiber, is a high-tech development, with exceptional properties that satisfies user the highest expectations in different sectors, providing comfort and protection. As microfiber, highly absorbent tissue, used for all types of floor and can be machine washed. The shape is triangular, allowing us to easily reach the corners to not remain accumulated dirt on them as mops round. The handle is particular, one side is extensible, to suit people of different heights or for different uses, and secondly, anchoring the handle with the mop is articulated, something that helps a lot in cleaning under furniture. The hub also has differences with conventional as it takes to actuate the pedal and splash drainer is made of recycled material.


It is important to know which cleaning tools are needed in a home, this will save time and money. Let’s start by cleaning utensils FLOOR:

Vacuum cleaner: it is perhaps the most complete technique has the disadvantage that it is slow. Aspiring once a week digging a well in all corners and using the remaining days mopping can keep the house very clean.

Broom (and collector) is less hygienic because much dust rises, however for the kitchen is the best system. For the bathrooms are good brooms with rubber bristles and, if it is dry is fine if aspirated. For wood agree stiff bristle broom.

Mop: easy, clean and fast. Good system for daily. It can be disposable or chamois cloth. Is preferable to the latter, it is cleaner and when we want we can be machine washed and is ready for use again. Mop is convenient and fast but … That is very important! Clean rinse thoroughly after use, change it as often as necessary. It is also good to have several, one for the kitchen, and one for the bathrooms and another for the rest of the house. It is advisable that are different to distinguish when to use them. Are very good also mops microfiber, which if purchased from dark colors are kept cleaner than those who are white.

Brooms, mops and mop can be machine washed when dirty and are as new to continue cleaning. It is advisable to change, depending on usage, every 3-6 months.

A best microfiber mop can effectively clean your home

Buying a home is a dream. It is not possible for everyone to own a home. You need to keep the house clean and tidy. You should make sure you have enough equipment to remove dirt that accumulates in your home. One of the best ways to end the dirt is using microfiber best mop correctly. However, it is necessary to buy rags, the best in terms of quality, in order to guarantee excellent results. With a little research ‘, you can get the best Mop most reasonable prices.

Best Microfiber mop are usually a wide range of prices. The cost depends entirely on the quality of the microfiber used for the purpose. The price usually helps determine the strength of the wipe to clean the floors of your home. In addition, swabs manufactured by branded companies tend to be more expensive than local. Then you can select the wipe you want to buy depending on your budget. If you have already set a budget, you should try to get the best fabric that price falls. Otherwise, you should choose one according to the type and quality of the service offered.

There are many shops and department stores that offer exceptional rags that can help you clean your house. All you have to do is find a way out of this. You can also find one in your neighborhood. In addition, there are numerous websites on the Internet that offer different products at the retail level. You can visit these sites and check out the products offered there. It will help you select the best products, while sitting at home. Also, once you purchased the product will be delivered to your home. Therefore, there is no need to go to stores to get what you can get while in the comfort of your home. A few years ago, cotton clothing were used to clean floors and different parts of a house.

However, over time, they have begun further investigations. The result of this research was the invention of microfiber cloths. Here are some of the most important fabrics that can be used in the process of cleaning the house. You can also attach the towel to form a best microfiber mop. These are available in the market, and are useful to have all kinds of dust and dirt and make your home a clean place to live. Microfiber cloths can do wonders to drive away all the dust in your home. As a result, they have become very popular as the primary means for cleaning the house.

What Microfiber Mop is the most appropriate?

Actually, the 18″ Professional best Microfiber Mop is nothing more than our classic shaped absorbent cloth; it is very common and has been the most used in every household. It has the advantage that it is very economical in almost all supermarkets and superstores. Truly make the life easier & give your floor extra shine with premium best microfiber mop pads just in a few minutes. Include a tough a Stainless Steel telescopic handle that can be swap from 4 feet to 6 feet, so you never to bend clean the floor. Now it is almost effortless to cleaning any hard floor surface deeper, more quickly.

Microfiber Mop

18″ Professional Microfiber Mop

The pads (two microfiber wet pads and one looped-edge dust pad) extend beyond the dimensions of the metal mop head, which prevents any possible scratching of furniture or baseboards. Best Microfiber mop from a great material, and one of the best allies in the household cleaning tasks. Storing is easy, best thing to do is hang it using the hole at the top of the handle.

Adjustable swivels, making it easy to move around in small areas, so more consider to looking and purchasing different tools and cleaning towels for cleaning different places.

However, it is essential to use good cleaning products with best microfiber mop because this will result in much better cleaning results. These wipes are always used dry to clean the dust, and moistened for a thorough cleaning. It is always best to fold the cloth four times. In this way eight work surfaces are obtained with which to clean. However, do not forget that if the fibers are very wet they lose effectiveness, reason why it is advisable to drain them to the maximum. Microfiber wipers and mops can also be used in numerous spaces and facilities: offices, schools, shopping centers, gyms, clinics, hospitals, geriatric centers, kitchens, cafeterias, changing rooms, bathrooms … Certainly, Very practical and advantageous to whom you can get a huge game.

This mop is well worth the money you spent, as many of its satisfied user can’t go wrong! If you are using cheaply made and expensive disposable cleaning products, do yourself and the planet a favor and bring one of these. AMAZINGLY easy and excellent mop! No other mop ever closer that are available in the market.

The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide is dedicate to review of best steam mop available in the stores.Deliver more guidelines then review! This blog is to provide advanced material, guiding you towards a better and more comfortable household experience from real world.
The Mop Guide
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The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide is dedicate to review of best steam mop available in the stores.Deliver more guidelines then review! This blog is to provide advanced material, guiding you towards a better and more comfortable household experience from real world.

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