Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners 2018: Pet Hair, Carpets, Hardwood Floors, And …

I’m up to the point of having to clean the house. The floor gets dirty all the time, if it is not my dwarf when it eats and dirty up to the ceiling, then it is Toby, my dog, who fills me with hair even the furniture. So, I decide to hire the best robot vacuum cleaner with little noise. However, that assures marble cleaning and wooden floor, that is powerful to scrub stains and vacuum the carpet. I have been told about some that bring up cleaning & other benefits that I am sure will alleviate my back pain so much. I earn a decent house when friends come to visit.

I looked for the best robot vacuum cleaner because I did not know much about the subject. Found many, each one thinking about different needs according to your needs.

What is the best robot vacuum cleaner?

Telling you that there is the best robot vacuum cleaner is a lie. Because each of you own a robot mop in your home. But based on different reality that you must choose the gadget at the time of purchase. As you get the most out of it and do not have to drop the pasta for a machine that is not going to cover expectations. At least I have been convinced of this in everything. I have researched to get one and I want to help you. Because I have found myself from the most affordable to the most expensive.

But everything depends on what you want: that only you sweat, suck or scrub; If you have carpet and you want to clean it or that robot is returned to your charging base or you have no problem plugging it in and loading it manually. In the market, I have found one and another brand of good quality, for smooth surfaces or that sweeps in the corners. I give you a comparative list so that you can choose.

What is best robotic vacuums?

Robovac … that’s how they call this marvel that relieves you much of the cleaning work at home. The robot vacuum cleaner is autonomous, with intelligent programming and a limited vacuum cleaning system.

The original design included manual operation through the remote control and a “self-induction” mode that allowed the machine to clean autonomously without human control. Some designs use rotating brushes to reach closed corners. Others combine a series of cleaning characteristics (mopping, UV sterilization, etc.) simultaneous to the aspiration.

Types of robot vacuum cleaner

In the market, you will find a wide variety of robots that will do the job of cleaning your floors. The price range is huge, but it all depends on the type of robot and the functions they offer you. Less expensive models are usually more basic, such as sweepers or mops, for example. The most expensive ones offer you sophisticated navigation systems that map the space while they clean, have multi-stage cleaning systems and even automatically attach to your charging base to keep the battery capacity always ready to clean.

Robotic dusters

This wonder makes your life much easier. The O-Duster cleaner with its automatic navigation function effectively covers the entire hard floor surface. The good thing is that you do not have to worry because the corners or edges are dirty, because this robot has a flexible base that guarantees the cleaning of those spaces. It also slides under the big furniture like beds or sofas, it takes over the dust that accumulates in those places where the hairs of your pet are also going to stop.

When the device detects the presence of a wall or other object, it is as simple as changing direction and following the cleaning job on the other hand. This is thanks to its automatic navigation system.

However, let’s say they are basic. They lack a real vacuum motor that sucks. Just capture the dust using a disposable electrostatic cloth or a rotating bristle brush and you can program it to perform its function in 30 minutes or 120 minutes. I could tell you that it is the least expensive of the market because in comparison with the rest of the robots that you can find. It has less performance because they only work on hard surfaces or firm carpets and you have to plug it in to load, unlike other robots that are coupled alone to their source of energy once the work is completed and that they have mapping and navigation capacity.

Best robot mop or cleaner

Is your floor hard like hardwood, linoleum or tile? Then it is perfect for a mop robot job. Unlike simple sweepers, they use a solution with microfiber mop to clean the floor.

They can eliminate so much the dirt, the dust and especially the stains of your floor, especially when you have small ones in house that throw water or juices and when they dry the glob remains. Although each robot is different, they usually have a water-based cleaning system or a mild cleaning solution. For this type of robot, the size of the surface does not matter to be clean.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

They are the most versatile in the market and they comes with the widest price range. These automatic cleaners are called robotic vacuums. What differentiates them from others? They have a floor cleaning brush (can have bristles or plastic blades) and the main difference: suction system and everything goes to a collection container.

The good thing is that they work in any types of floors. All the brands you will find have one thing in common: unique combination of navigation software, as well as cleaning tools and sensors.

Why should you buy a robot vacuum cleaner?

There is a lot of reasons why you should think about making an investment of these, here we explain some of them

Automatically adjust to different surfaces

In each house, the type of the floor are different. The surface may be harder and more uniform while other more irregular. Many of the robots is dedicated to cleaning, have sensors of detecting changes in the surface, and simply adapt. Whether it is tile, wood or carpet, for example. But they also detect that they ran out of the surface and are at the edge of a staircase and back off. Very good for when you are in the kitchen or occupied in other tasks and you do not have time to become the guide of your robot. Because you will be unconcerned that the gadget suffers a spectacular fall and you lose the money of the investment.

Low maintenance

You will not have to drop a bunch to keep a robot vacuum cleaner at home. Your investment is guaranteed because they only require a minimum amount of maintenance, which is usually replacing the storage bag or container with some periodicity. Yes, that is easy, because vacuum robots usually build them with quality materials, so you’ll have guaranteed that they will last you several years.

Guaranteed cleaning while you are not at home

As I told you before, this wonder device relieves cleaning work at home and does not bring you a problem like having to become the robot’s guide. The machine does its work alone, without your supervision. So that, if you have to go to work or just walk with your family, easily leave the robot at home working and he knows exactly what he is going to do.

Even, many models offer you the management through your mobile or smart board so that if there were some disasters on the floor during breakfast and then you left very hurried from home to take the children to school and then go to the office; you can order the robot vacuum cleaner to cleanse that. Only the working time is established and when you return you will be calm because you will have the house clean, or at least the floor.


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The robot vacuum cleaner will also relieve the headache of having to recharge to ensure its operation. They can recharge themselves. The sensor can determine that the battery is low and they go to their docking station to self-charge. This is at the end of each cleaning session, but if in the middle of the task it detects a load below the indicated, the robot simply stops its work, goes to the docking station and once the self-charging is completed, the work continues. A wonder, is not it?

It adapts to small spaces

Corners, curves and cracks are no longer a problem. Although it was a bit difficult to clean, those places with a manual vacuum cleaner. You have to try now with a robotic vacuum cleaner: there will be no difficult space. The problem disappears due to the compact size of the robot and your floor will get a overall cleaning.

Able to adjust the cleaning configuration

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A robot vacuum cleaner is able to detect dirt in any area. Therefore will focus more time where it detects a higher concentration of dust, hair or food debris. It is common that in your home. The places where the family goes constantly dirtier than other environments, such as the kitchen.

You do not need to operate it manually

If you have problems in the spine, suffer from arthritis or any other pathology that prevents you from normal mobility. You will no longer have to work at the time of cleaning the floor. Many of you may live alone and the best robot vacuum mop would be the perfect gear. As you do not need to operate it manually. Just turn it on, you will have the work done because you will not have to stand, sit, walk, bend and many models offer you the preconfigured option. So that you can schedule it to clean at the necessary time, you consider.

Detects preset limits

Virtual walls. Do you know what that is? They are the limits that you can place on your robot vacuum cleaner. So that they do not roll down the stairs, knock down any decoration or damage your walls, if that is your fear. With a virtual wall, the machine will not exceed the limits.

Other benefits

As technology advances, vacuum robots are not far behind. Of course, as long as they offer you greater benefits, the higher the cost. Some of these that you can find as advanced features. The size of the bags that contain the dirt. Will not have to change them as often compared to a manual vacuum cleaner. As they offer a much longer lifespan because they require less maintenance. You do not have wires scattered around the house because each robot vacuum cleaner brings its own recharging station. Finally, you can control them remotely if you connect them to the home Wifi. So that from your smartphone you can operate him to do the work when you are away from home.

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The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide is dedicate to review of best steam mop available in the stores.Deliver more guidelines then review! This blog is to provide advanced material, guiding you towards a better and more comfortable household experience from real world.
The Mop Guide
The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide is dedicate to review of best steam mop available in the stores.Deliver more guidelines then review! This blog is to provide advanced material, guiding you towards a better and more comfortable household experience from real world.