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The best steam product as home appliance

Several types of home appliances using as best steam product to perform their duties. One of the most obvious is the steam iron, but there are also steam and the food steamer. There are two steps to identify the best of any of these three types of steam machine for your home. The first is to […]

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What are the most resistant wood floors?

The hardness of the wood used for flooring is given by the Janka scale. This measures the force required to embed a steel ball 444 to half its diameter in a sample timber strength. The higher the level, the harder the wood, Janka scales can vary between species, depending on the origin of the sample. […]

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What is the Best Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors?

In a lot of forums and social networking sites I see people asking the question what is the best steam mop for hardwood floors? The fact of the matter is that all steam mops are designed for hard floors really. Let’s face it, you’re not going to be “mopping” rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting so what […]

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