Cleaning marble floor best way to shine your places!

Marble is a natural rock compact, having been subjected to elevated temperature and pressure, has reached the stage of crystallization. This stone is composed of calcium carbonate mostly when treated and polished becomes a surface with exceptional brightness and is used for floors, flooring, tiles or countertops. Since it is a natural product, it is extremely picky about what needs to be very cautious in its maintenance and cleaning marble floor. Here are some aspects when cleaning marble surfaces:

Dirty surfaces.

– Marble is a porous stone, so that any liquid that spills it is rapidly absorbed. It is important to act quickly to any liquid spilled on the marble with some cleaner with a neutral pH and a dishcloth.

– A polished careful to close pores and weatherproofing If the marble is long and dirty stains are already irrecoverable necessary.

Normal surfaces.

– For routine cleaning marble floor it is recommended first sweep to remove dust and lint. It is important to use cleaning delicate material such as brush for delicate surfaces or cotton mop. If the surface is lightly soiled mop can be impregnated with DUST, which will shine and provide a repellent layer of dust and lint.

– After sweeping mopping we will use a lot of water and little detergent, I can recommend the cleaner and renovator of brightness for Marble & Terrazzo because it has a neutral pH and a contribution of waxes renewed shine and protect the surface. Preferably use a microfiber mop because it absorbs wet before and leave less trace.

– It is important to stay airy, with doors and windows open for quick drying and leaving no trace.

– If not have a specific cleaner marble can also use a floor cleaner with a neutral pH or dermatological gel, in any case, used sparingly.

– For other surfaces, such as tiles or countertops, it is important to always use microfiber cloths to soak up all the liquid to dry before and leave no trace.

4 major Tips to cleaning marble floor

The marble and terrazzo floors are popular for their appearance, durability and price. However, many homeowners wonder why its marble floor has lost so nice shine, or why these spots have appeared so ugly in your terrazzo. I want to make some recommendations for floor brightness remains intact, and enjoy a home or a business with an excellent presentation by cleaning marble floor.

  1. Liquids are the enemy number one for Marble and Terrazzo. As natural materials, both marble and terrazzo are very porous and absorb any liquid or grease stain quickly. If we allow a liquid, harmless or neutral enough, sit for a while on the ground, are inevitably allowing the pores of the calcium carbonate is open and allow entry, not only the liquid, but the chemicals or dirt this leads dissolved.

– Recommendation: Collect and dry thoroughly IMMEDIATELY any liquid from floor. Much more important even if it is acidic or carbonated (juices or soft drinks) drinks, as these can leave deep and difficult to remove marks.

  1. Housekeeper. From intensive use by thousands of people in big hotels, even private home with a soft and delicate use. The most important thing for all cases continue to avoid using too much liquid to cleaning marble floor. Even the water that scoured the floor in house contains a certain amount of dissolved dirt, which can make floor penetrate several layers deep.

– Recommendation: If you need to scrub floor, use very clean water for each room or area. Just add a little mop or neutral soap, without resorting to harsh chemicals. Let’s try to wring the mop well before each pass, and immediately ventilate the rooms for the floor to dry as soon as possible. It is preferable to use a microfiber mop for daily maintenance, it retains much better than a traditional broom, preventing dust is embedded dirt.

  1. Areas of heavy use, or transit areas. Inevitably, there are areas of the house or business with more frequent use. It is very important that we understand that both the marble and terrazzo are relatively floor materials, and our steps, together with the dust / sand / dirt drag on shoes scratch the surface. That’s why areas with more use have that aspect of matte color and striped in which the brightness is not recovered with simple cleaning marble floor.

– Recommendation: Dispose rugs and carpets strategically. If you prevent drag shoes large particles of dirt / sand / dirt, you will have half the battle won when bright areas maintain their step.

  1. Appropriate maintenance. In order to maintain bright marble or terrazzo, polished maintenance (when the floor is scratched or badly damaged), or brightening (when it has lost the original shiny appearance), it is necessary regularly cleaning marble floor. In shops or hotels that require maintenance can be evaluated according to the seasons, the frequency of use or footfall. In private homes, it will depend on the type of use and care given to the ground, and the number of people living in the home.


– Recommendation: Establish a regular maintenance program that includes polishing the surface (for repair wear), and buffing regularly (to add the bright layers that protect floor). The deep polishing may be necessary in extreme cases, although a surface polished with diamond discs may not be always necessary. The polished (also known as crystallized) is to add a layer of product and “convert” glass (calcium carbonate) on the surface of our ground by mechanical means.

The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide is dedicate to review of best steam mop available in the stores.Deliver more guidelines then review! This blog is to provide advanced material, guiding you towards a better and more comfortable household experience from real world.
The Mop Guide
The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide is dedicate to review of best steam mop available in the stores.Deliver more guidelines then review! This blog is to provide advanced material, guiding you towards a better and more comfortable household experience from real world.