5 Important Tips For Clean Your Bedroom

Doing a thorough cleaning in all the rooms of the house and together getting rid of papers and things, leaving everything more organized, seems the dream of every housewife. Exactly Knowing where things are, since everything has its place, is possible, especially if you organize your house gradually.

The bedroom is a significant room because it is where the well-deserved rest has its place. The more organized and clean, the better to ensure peace of mind. First, spend a day cleaning and organizing this room.

Important tips to clean your bedroom

If there are curtains and rugs in the bedroom, make sure they are washed. You can do it yourself or refer it to a company that does it. With these items removed start cleaning.

Start by using a best broom and a dry cloth. Wrap the broom with the cloth and go through the ceiling and top corners of the wall, this way you eliminate that annoying dust that accumulates. Do not forget to clean the frames and mirrors that are stuck to the wall. The switches and outlets must not be forgotten.

The closet is the next item. Remove everything in it. At this time, take advantage of the things that are no longer profitable and the clothes that are no longer used and can be donated (put in a bag or box for donation).

Clean the inside of the cabinets by removing all dust and reshape things into place. You can also arrange in boxes by writing down what is inside each one and pasting a list outside to make it visible, and this will make it easier the moment you need to find something. When the inside is all clean and organized do not forget to clean the outside of the closet, dry cloth to remove all the dust and to depend on the type of furniture, a furniture polish will leave it flawless.

Chests of drawers, desks, and nightstands can also be organized and cleaned in parts, following the same criteria for cleaning and organizing the wardrobe.

Doors, windows, and shutters also need to be cleaned inside and out. The chandelier or ceiling fan also deserve attention, do not forget.

The bed needs special attention. Remove the dust and change the bedding so that everything is clean.

On the floor, the ideal is a vacuum cleaner. You can clean each corner and make sure that all dust is collected without lifting any dirt. Then wipe it with a cleaner of your choice, as well as removing the part that may be most attached to the floor, it will also give a clean smell to the environment. 


The vacuum cleaner makes it much easier – at the time of the cleaning. With some changes in use, it is possible to make work faster and more efficient. Check out five tips for a better user experience:

Remove the last drawer

The best way to vacuum under a dresser is to eliminate the last drawer. With more space, you will not have to force the vacuum cleaner into the little nooks, and still, it will remove all the dirt that stands there.

Clean carpets and rugs

To clean carpets and rugs without damaging them, throw a little salt on the parts before passing the vacuum cleaner. The salt acts as an abrasive and leaves the carpet or carpet cleaner.

Save time

Finding dirt that does not pass through the vacuum cleaner pieces can be a nuisance when cleaning. One tip is to hold a grocery bag (you can tie it to your belt or pants, for example) and deposit everything you can not aspire to. So you save time and don’t have to stop sometimes go to the trash.

Leave the house scented

One way to leave a pleasant scent after vacuuming the house is to place a piece of cotton soaked in essential oil (choose the fragrance you like best) inside the vacuum cleaner bag.

Avoid marks on walls

If you walk around the house with the vacuum cleaner, the walls and furniture may have small marks on the appliance. For this not to happen, you can put crepe tape (or another type of tape) on the edges of the vacuum cleaner nozzle.

AVOID ALLERGY: Reduces airborne dust particles. The vacuum cleaner sucks/collects dust instead of spreading. Sweeping the dust particles up, stand suspended and then fall on the furniture, bed, floor.

PRACTICE: Reduces cleaning time.

ERGONOMICS: It doesn’t hurt your back.

A Bonus Tips for Cleaning Baby Bedroom

Cleaning the baby’s room is essential to avoid allergies and other malaise. But other than basic cleaning, other care should be taken, especially about the chemicals used. The main tips are:

– The environment must be airy daily –it is imperative that the environment is aerated every day. Leave windows and curtains open, so air can circulate to avoid agglomeration of mites. If there are problems with mosquitoes in your area, install mosquito nets on the windows, this will keep the environment airy and free of mosquitoes and other insects.

– Choose the right products – avoid strong-smelling cleaners. What is indicated is to use neutral or odorless products. Often a clean damp cloth is sufficient to do the cleaning.

While using these chemicals, keep the open environment as this will make the smell disappear faster and decrease inhalation by anyone handling the product.

– Using vacuum cleaner –  Use the vacuum cleaner not only on the floor, but in upholstery, armchairs, cushions, curtains, including in the crib and, at least once a week, on the mattress as well. It is not advisable to move brooms in the baby’s room as it raises dust.

– Change the bedding weekly –in addition to the sheets and pillowcases, be sure to wash the covers and blankets frequently.

Enjoy the change of the bed linen to turn the mattress. Do this every week. Whenever you turn the mattress, wipe the mattress with a damp cloth and if possible place it to catch the sun. If the sun is not possible, stand it up in such a way that air circulates it. That way the mattress will always be sanitized and will last longer.

– Wash the floor or rag after vacuuming the dust – Dust is too bad to be clean because it is light and moves very smoothly. The recommended is to pass the vacuum cleaner and soon after a damp cloth to not leave remnants that can do harm to the baby.

Again avoid using chemicals, but if you think only chemicals are cleansing, then do so with the open environment and without the child around.

– Avoid stuffed animals in the bedroom – although beautiful and give a unique appeal in the decoration, stuffed animals usually accumulate a lot of dust. Today there are plush anti-allergies and cloth dolls that are more suitable for babies. Even these should regularly be washed.

– Take the baby out of the room at the time of cleaning – an important detail is that the baby should not be in the room when the environment is being cleaned. They are usually very sensitive to respiratory allergies.

– Chemicals – It is common for people to think that only chemicals are cleansing, but it is not so. It is possible to clean many parts of the home with only damp or dry clothes.

But if you still use chemical products, then pay attention to the packaging of the products you want to use, you should certainly be using a lot more than you need. Usually, the products should be diluted in water, and most of the time it’s just a “cap, ” but then you say “you have to be robust enough to clean well,” but know that you are throwing money away.

For example, the bleach use. To use bleach as a disinfectant, you should mix 1 cup (200ml) of bleach with 5 liters of water. Mix well in a bucket. Then wipe the floors and tiles and let it act for 15 minutes, then rinse or wipe with water to remove the product. It is not about drying and it1s done because bleach residues may trigger some allergic reaction.

The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide is dedicate to review of best steam mop available in the stores.Deliver more guidelines then review! This blog is to provide advanced material, guiding you towards a better and more comfortable household experience from real world.
The Mop Guide
The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide is dedicate to review of best steam mop available in the stores.Deliver more guidelines then review! This blog is to provide advanced material, guiding you towards a better and more comfortable household experience from real world.