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Steam mop Shark S3501

Say, Goodbye to Swiffer! The steam mop shark  S3501 lets you deep clean nearly any hard surface quickly and easily.  There’s no need to use a standard mop to squish dirty water around your floors and you are free to use the harsh chemicals away.  The Steam Mop Shark uses steam to clean and it does not take long at all to heat up and it sanitize so well with little effort.  Just add water, turn it on, and in about half minute, you are ready to use steam to cut through dirt and grime.

The shark  S3501 Steam Mop Floor steamer reviews that it comes with rectangular heads shape so that you can clean just about any area and easily goes every corners. Included are double sided patented durable and reusable microfiber cleaning pads, in different sizes & types, all of which can be thrown into your washing machine and reused.steam mop shark

The Shark came well packaged and on time and assembly was a breeze, no tools required. There are wonderful easy mop solution with four parts, the main body, the swivel mop head, the handle, and the “mop”. The thing will only fit together one way and no need to read the manual to figure out the setup.

steam mop shark Features and Specifications

  • Super-heated steam is ready in 30 seconds and provides 99.9% sanitization on hard floors with no harsh chemicals
  • On-demand variable steam uses your natural mopping motion to deliver super-heated steam
  • Shark Steam Pocket technology provides double-sided cleaning with every pad
  • Superior cleaning, and faster dry times
  • XL water capacity1-year limited warranty
  • 9 inches x 51.2 inches x 12
  • 4.9 pounds


Steam mop shark S3501 Floor steamer reviews: Pros & Cons


  • Great product for Tiles or laminate wood as it will steam and dry so fast it won’t create moisture issue for any wood.
  • Cleans much cleaner than a standard mop and help sanitize the floor. No streaks.
  • Steam up super quick, less than 10 seconds, ready to use in minutes
  • The mop folds almost flat so you can get way under furniture
  • Warranty support is quite good


  • Great product but doesn’t seem to last longer handle.
  • Low capacity of reservoir.
  • Actually pump back and forth making it harder to use you will pump, pump, pump while you P-U-S-H, P-U-S-H, P-U-S-H…



What to look in steam mop shark  s3501

Lots of mixed shark Floor steamer reviews with high expectations Steam Mop Shark  won the very high rating by the user. When you receive this mop out of the box no other assembly is required just you need to do is attach the handle.  Next is fill the reservoir with water, a measuring cup is provided for use in filling the water chamber (Distilled water is recommended), plug it and wait a half minute or so to let the thing heat. Providing the proper water to the device in order to maximize its effectiveness and lifetime.

In shark Floor steamer reviews, you find it’s pretty easy to use and impressed to do a great job of cleaning even the dirtiest floors. For dried stains let the mop head rest for a few seconds in one spot – and the stains were lifted off & do the mopping action again. The size of the mop is just about right – not too long to impede moving and not too short to make me bend to use it. The handle is large and easy to grip.

One reviewer identified that they had some people over (and kids) and at the end of the day the floor was disgusting but the Shark Steam Mop is a gem to do a great job of quickly cleaning it and looking good a piece of cake, no one would ever guess what it looked like just a few minutes earlier.

Tips: Drop a few drops of essential oils on the pads and the house smells amazing and is sparkling clean! Using distilled water to avoid clogging the unit with mineral deposits.

For harder dirt and stains you may have to hold it in place a little longer to get a good cleaning but one reviewer specified that this mop was able to get out years of ground in dirt from their bathroom floor.  This mop has a very long power cord about 20’ so that you can get your entire floor done without changing outlets.

A couple of user remarked that this mop was a little bit difficult lack of an off/on switch and move around the floor. You may hear some adverse remarks, so far it is not unexpected, deep into their trouble, you may find that’s are too silly than overall positive opinion from large users being very pleased with their purchase and with the results they get when they use the Shark Steam Mop. Once you try a Shark steam mop, you will throw away the old hand mop and bucket.

Steam Mop Shark S3601 Professional

Imagine you walk on bare feet on squeaky clean floor that glows! Now you simply use steam clean to get this perfection using the steam mop shark. Shark brought professional Steam Pocket Mop Intelligent Steam Control technology along with a double-side, micro-fiber Steam Pocket patented microfiber cleaning pad, water vapor mop shark S3601 design to thoroughly clean your floors, sanitize, and dry in seconds. A traditional mop will mostly move dirty water around your floor but the cleaning pads that come with a quick flip of the steam head provide a lot of twice surface area for picking up dirt with a quick flip of the steam head. Also pad has little “fingers” all over it which does a super job of cleaning the roughest dirty floors.

Three steam level settings to be set for various floor surfaces implemented in steam mop S3601 Professional Steam Mop. You’ll be able to use the lowest setting for a bit of light dusting or when cleaning more delicate surfaces, use a little less steam for everyday cleaning, or tackle stuck on dirt and clean heavy traffic areas. Allow you to choose the three different settings to maintain perfect amount of steam for mop at hand and the steam comessteam mop shark out hot enough to clean and sanitize your floors and it dries in just a few seconds. Amazed you, with how clean/non-sticky my floors are!

 Product Features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 5.9 x 51.2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Intelligent 3 steam control settings, dust, mop and scrub allow you to select the perfect
  • Superior cleaning with no harsh chemicals.
  • 2-Sided steam pockets clean and sanitize on both sides.
  • Turns ordinary tap water into super-heated steam to eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Triangle and rectangle mop heads to suit your cleaning task.


Steam mop Shark S3601 Professional : Pros & Cons

The good:

– Environmentally friendly with washable pads

– Fairly need very little storage space & easily gets into any corners

– Heats up quick & begins steaming very quickly.

– Detachable component

– Water compartment had a greater capacity

– It is very easy to move this hissing steam demon across the floors

– Assembling was as simple as putting in 1 large screw.

– The cord is super long and can extent up to two rooms and a hall way

– The pad shows all the dirt and you can actually tell how great of a job you are doing!

The bad:

– Flimsy handle – makes pushing more work than it needs to be

– It’s kinda a workout to use this thing they could have made it easier to push though it’s not terrible – it’s still definitely usable.

– Thin cheap electric wire, which makes re-wrapping it pain and it also gets tangled

– No on/off button – you actually have to unplug the unit to make it stop

– Left my floors looking dull. I don’t expect this to make my floors shiny without using chemicals but this is a sacrifice for me.

– The water has to be refilled over and over doesn’t seem to last very long when trying to clean on scrub!

– Can be a little tiring pushing it back n forth its light and easily glides but feels very rough on the hands like if you were raking.


Do NOT be freaked out by the number of parts that seem to keep coming and coming as you take this thing out of the box.Most of them are actually attachments for the handheld, and in reality it takes just a few moves to assemble.

Consider before to get one, Steam mop shark S3601 Professional

Unlike in real world, it is not a hype,  S3601 Professional Steam mop Shark looks pretty good steam mop.Found fairly mixed shark floor steamer reviews comes out good number of positive reviews but quite a few adverse reviews also. As you search in related site, forum & user opinion, you got the real scenario. Many of are saying that it is very lightweight so it is easy to move from one room to another or to lift it up and down stairs. Pleased with a very long cord without stopping to unplug the mop & clean a large area that really looking at the floor under bright natural light. Steam Mop appears to be made pretty fine and does not feel like a cheap piece of plastic.

A lot of consumer mentioned that they like the three different level steam settings and that the swiveling head made it easy to get into constricted spaces or around deep objects like behind a toilet for example. Easy to assemble, heated up quickly and the hot steam lasted through the bathroom, dining area, and kitchen from large water reservoir. Shark Steam mop would blast away water spots, soap scum, and stain from these surfaces without a problem. Dampness evaporates quickly.

Complain arouse the durability of this steam mop shark, many of faced mop broke and bottom part of the mop flew off and steam and hot water came spraying out. It is not unusual if the steam mop get heavy task or doing a tough job! An extra care can avoid this unpredictable circumstance. Nothing to worry, warranty & replacement option will give new one also & many of reported using it for more than two years.

There are a number of other steam mops available that are getting very good ratings from users online.

After researching all of the shark floor steamer reviews online, you may keep shopping and choose a different steam mop. Ignoring some adverse opinion, Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601) outstanding performance keep a considerable place to many happy users. Can be recommendable as a worth of pay.

Tips: steam mop shark
  • Keep a Philips head screwdriver for that screw, to maintain small tasks.
  • Kept a spray bottle of Mrs. Meyers because it’s all organic, non-toxic, safe around kids and pets, and it smells divine.
  • The on/off button, which is also the steam level setting button keep in mid-level, will work fine for you every time.
  • Don’t forget to use distilled water with your Shark products!
  • Always clean the microfiber pads after every use.
  • DO wash the mop pads as instructed – no bleach, no harsh chemicals, it’s OK if they get dingy, they still clean just fine. They will last longer.
  • Don’t let kids near it when in use, it produce steam!
  • NEVER EVER put soap or any kind of cleanser in the bottle.
  • DO NOT mop without first removing pet hair. It is not designed to pick those up.

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The Mop Guide is dedicate to review of best steam mop available in the stores.Deliver more guidelines then review! This blog is to provide advanced material, guiding you towards a better and more comfortable household experience from real world.
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The Mop Guide

The Mop Guide is dedicate to review of best steam mop available in the stores.Deliver more guidelines then review! This blog is to provide advanced material, guiding you towards a better and more comfortable household experience from real world.